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Commonwealth Scholar

Rishikesh Sreehari is a Commonwealth Scholar with a postgraduate degree in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation from Heriot-Watt University, funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). With a passion for sustainability and decarbonization, Rishikesh is currently working at Vasudha Foundation, a non-profit policy think tank dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges at the intersection of climate, energy, and the environment.

At Vasudha Foundation, he focuses on developing innovative net-zero pathways aimed at decarbonizing India’s electricity sector, with the goal of helping India achieve its net-zero ambitions by 2070. Prior to this role, he honed his skills in the renewable energy sector at Husk Power Systems, a rural distributed utility, where he worked on providing access to 24×7 low-cost, grid-compatible energy to rural communities in India and Africa.

With his deep expertise in renewable energy and a track record of impactful work, Rishikesh is committed to advancing sustainable solutions that benefit communities and the planet at large.